Tips to get perfect lips

Every woman likes beautiful lips. All women apply lipstick to enhance their beauty. Today, let’s see what to do and what not to do while applying lipstick. Here are your tips to get perfect lips

Drink more water

1. Before applying lipstick on your lips, you should check that your lips are soft and smooth. Dry and extremely cracked lips are not suitable for applying lipstick. Do not let your body lack water and when at home, apply lip balm on lips from time to time. To keep your lips soft, you can also apply olive oil or coconut oil on them.

LIp Care

2. Exfoliate your rough lips with a soft washcloth before applying lipstick. This will help in removing dead skin cells from your lips and will make them soft.

3. Before applying lipstick, apply a thin coat of lip primer on your lips that will give moisture to your lips. So that your lips do not dry easily and your lipstick does not get fed quickly. You can also apply a coat of foundation instead of primer. This step is for those who want to keep their lipstick perfect for a long time.

lip care tips to get perfect lips

4. Now is the time to line your lips with neutral lip liner. Use a lip pencil that best matches your natural lip color. It would be better not to use more dark lip liners. While applying lip liner, outline your natural lip line only.

lip care tips to get perfect lips

5. Now apply a favorite shade of your lipstick. It is also very important to take care of your skin tone before applying lipstick. Like fair people use light shades and glossy lipstick. People with dark complexions should try golden brown, cherry red and nude pink shades.

lip care

6. Apply lipstick with a lip brush for better results. Keep in mind that your lipstick should remain within the edges of the lips. To get an even texture, blot the lips from the back of your hand or with tissue paper, so that the extra color is removed.

lip care

7. Finally apply a little gloss on it for extra shine. Apply a little gloss between your lower lips and then mix the two lips together, so that the gloss spreads across the lips. If you do not want a glossy look don`t take this step.

Smile !!!

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