6 lakh people are expected to be infected with corona In Hyderabad.

Frightening news is coming out of Hyderabad in view of the increasing cases of Coronavirus in India. There may be at least six lakh people in Hyderabad who are infected with the coronavirus but most of them are without symptoms and do not need to be hospitalized. This has been said in a study released on 19-Aug-20 (Wednesday).
These studies have been conducted by CSIR – Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCAB) and CSIR – Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT). The study states that in individuals infected with SARS Cove-2, viruses come out of the body not only through the nose and mouth but also through excretion. CCMB and IICT collected sewage samples from various sewage treatment plants (STPs) as part of a joint effort to estimate the number of potentially infected individuals.
The CCMB said in its press release that this study conducted on 80 percent sewage treatment plants (STPs) in Hyderabad revealed that about two lakh people are spreading virus-related material. The CCMB said that since only 40 percent of sewage reaches the STP, this figure can only be used to deeply estimate the number of infected individuals. This estimate is about six lakhs, which is six percent of the population. These include patients with symptoms and without symptoms and recently recovered individuals. The CCMB stated that its study has been posted to MedRXIV and has not yet been reviewed.

1,763 new cases of Covid-19 found in Telangana, eight new deaths

With 1,763 new cases of Covid-19 coming up in Telangana, infection cases have increased to 95,700 in the state. At the same time, after the death of eight more people, the death toll has increased to 719. In a bulletin released on Wednesday (19 August) of the state government, this information was given on the basis of the updated data till 8 pm on Tuesday 18 August. 484 new cases were reported in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, which was severely affected by the infection in the state. This was followed by 169 cases in Medchal-Malkajgiri, 166 in Rangareddy, and 88 in Warangal (city). According to the bulletin, the death rate in the state is 0.75 percent. So far 73,991 people have been cured in the state and 20,990 patients are under treatment for corona virus.

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