Alert! Coronavirus can bring the world to its knees by returning to China

Coronavirus infection has reached most of the countries of Europe. After China, Italy, Germany, Spain and France are the worst hit. Although now the scientists have surprised everyone by saying that this is only the beginning, the disease is yet to reach its peak. While warning China, experts have said that even though it has overcome the First Wave of Corona, the threat has not yet been avoided. Its next phase can prove to be more fatal for the world.

Antoine Fault, a French public health specialist and epidemiologist at Lancet Medical General, issued an alert that this is the first stage of a corona infection. The worst time is not yet come. Even though China has been claiming that there has been no local infection case for several days, but the threat has not been postponed.

According to Antony, it is like a tsunami in which there are many waves to create havoc. This is the first wave of corona which is also called ‘herald wave’ in tsunami language. The biggest and dangerous wave of corona is yet to come. According to Antony, to learn how the flu spreads, we have to learn from how the Spanish flu caused havoc. It appeared before the First World War, killed more than 50 million people and suddenly disappeared.

Antoine has written that the two mathematicians of that time had been greatly shaken by the question of where the Spanish flu disappeared. In the late 1920s, William Oligwy Kermack and Anderson Gray Kendrick designed a model that would be very helpful in understanding the speed and transition direction of such an epidemic. He discovered that no disease is eradicated because no one is left to get sick, but it reaches the level of a ‘herd immunity’.

What is herd immunity?

Herd immunity means to prevent the spread of an infectious disease through the development of immunity in a few percent people of a society or group. This is done through vaccines or drugs. Through this, the chain of infectious diseases can be broken and prevented from reaching those who are most at risk or whose immunity is weak. Halt, who heads the Geneva University’s Institute of Global Health, believes that China has also managed to control the corona by doing the same. To combat the disease, the more immune people are there, the sooner it can be controlled.

Scientists believe that in the case of corona, until 50 to 66 percent of the population is immunized, it is very difficult to stop the infection. Currently, the drugs and methods that are being used to deal with it are not enough. Quarantine, social distancing or isolation can only work to an extent. As the winter season draws closer, the risk of this will be much more than before.

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Alert! Coronavirus can bring the world to its knees by returning to China Image Courtesy – Pexels

Coronavirus can return to China Coronavirus can return to China

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