Corona virus knock in Hollywood, actor Tom Hanks’s wife hit by Covid-19

Hollywood actor Tom Hanks has also come under the grip of the globally spread Coronavirus and has been found infected with this dangerous virus. Actor Tom Hanks said in a statement released on his Twitter account that his wife, actor Rita Wilson have been found infected in the Corona virus test.

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Corona virus, which is wreaking havoc globally, has killed 4,623 people so far, while 125,841 infected cases have been reported. There are 60 cases of corona infection in India so far. The country from which the corona virus was born (China), there are 80,793 infected people, while 3,169 people have lost their lives.

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South Korea announced on Wednesday that it has seen the first increase in coronavirus cases in the past five days. Earlier, South Korea had been continuously denying the increase in cases, which raised hopes of the epidemic coming under control. After China, a large number of coronavirus cases have been reported in South Korea. The Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) said that as of Tuesday, a total of 242 cases of infection have been confirmed, with a total of 7,755 cases reported. The death toll reached 60, with six more deaths due to infection.

The first case of coronavirus was confirmed in Turkey on Wednesday. A person recently returned from a trip to Europe has had this infection and is in good health. Health Minister Fahretin Koka said that the person who was suspected to have been infected with coronavirus has come out positive. The minister appealed to Turkish residents to refrain from traveling abroad if possible.

Seeing the increasing outbreak of Coronavirus, US President Donald Trump said that the US is going to cancel all travel from Europe for 30 days from Friday. Britain is not included in this. Earlier in Washington, emergency was declared on Wednesday. It was announced by the Mayor of Washington, Muriel Bauzer. So far, 10 Corona cases have been confirmed in Washington.

Corona virus knock in Hollywood, actor Tom Hanks’s wife hit by Covid-19 : Image: Twitter

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