Coronavirus: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted in hospital

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been hospitalized for coronavirus infection. Last month, Boris Johnson announced on Twitter that his Corona Test was positive. Since then, Boris Johnson has been the home quarantine. However, he is now admitted to the hospital. Corona’s symptoms are still visible with Boris Johnson several days later. He was rushed to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

Earlier Queen Elizabeth II addressed the British public through television. Queen Elizabeth II said that if people stayed indoors, we would soon begin to curb Corona’s outbreak.

In the past, Prince Charles, the heir to Britain’s royal estate, suffered from corona. Prince Charles and his wife are in Scotland at Quarantine. Queen Elizabeth II was moved from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle after the outbreak of Corona in Europe.

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More than 47,800 people have been infected with coronavirus in Britain so far. Out of these, 4900 have died.

The United States, which is currently the epicenter of the outbreak of Corona, has killed 1200 people in the last 24 hours. New York City has the highest number of Corona patients. So far 64900 people have been infected with coronas in the city and 2500 have died.

A young tigresses has been infected with Coronavirus in New York City, In the United States.

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Coronavirus: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted in hospital : Image courtesy –Twitter

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