Disputes in captivity couples, increased cases of divorce in China

Coronaviruses are now becoming the reason for divorce among couples. In Sichuan province of China, more than 300 couples have filed for divorce in a month. According to media reports, most people are imprisoned in homes due to coronavirus. Cases of dispute between husband and wife are increasing.

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The manager of the Marriage Registry in Dazhou area said that hundreds of couples are considering breaking up their marriage. 300 couples have scheduled appointments for divorce since 24th February. The number of people getting divorced is increasing because the husband and wife are spending more time together at home.

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Officials believe the office remained closed for a month due to coronavirus. Due to this, pending cases of divorce are also increasing.

The coronavirus epidemic has forced couples in China to say closely to each other under quarantine. Officials in the marriage registrar offices of China believe that for this reason, couples may get into heated arguments. which is converting in filing of cases for divorce.

Disputes in captivity couples, increased cases of divorce in China: Image Courtesy – Pexels

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