Italy donates PPE kits to China Now China is selling the same PPE kits back to Italy

While the whole world is found in the heart of Corona, China, the source of the virus’s origin, seems to be taking advantage of the crisis. An example of China’s ungratefulness has come to light. While Corona was patrolling in Wuhan, Italy offered PPE kits for free to Chinese health workers. However, Italy is now in trouble due to Corona. At that time, China is selling the PPE kits offered by Italy to Italy back. Many people are angry over this ungratefulness of China.

According to the Spectator Magazine, China announced the release of PPE kits to Italy a few days ago. However, China has sold these kits to Italy, not for free but for money. A senior official in the Trump administration briefed the Spectator Magazine about this. The official claims that China forced Italy to buy their own PPE kits.

Prior to the outbreak of coronavirus in Europe, Wuhan was the main center of corona rampage in China. At that time, Italy offered these kits to help China. However, after Italy sought China’s help during the crisis, some of these kits were provided by China. China has also charged for this.

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A few days ago, China sold the kits needed for the Corona test to Spain. However, due to an error in this kitas, the Corona virus was spread rapidly in Spain. After that, Spain had sent 3,000 defective kits back to China. A Chinese mask sent to the Netherlands was also found to be similarly fake. 

By controlling the outbreak of the coronavirus In Wuhan, daily transactions in China have become regular. Therefore, markets and factories in China have also started. Production has started in these factories. However, as China did not warn the world in time, Coronavirus  is currently shaking the world.

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Italy donates PPE kits to China Now China is selling the same PPE kits back to Italy- Image Courtesy- Twitter

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