Kim Jong Un in trouble; Sister will be the successor?

Kim Jong Un in trouble; Sister made heir?

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has placed a serious responsibility on his sister. This makes Kim Yoo Jong the second most powerful leader within the country. The incident has sparked controversy over Kim Jong Un’s health.
South Korea’s spy agency said Kim Yo Jong has been given the responsibility of laying the eye of the US and South Korea in the cases related to it. she has been made in charge of North Korea. On this, North Korea claims that it has given some rights to the sister to reduce the tension on the government of Kim Jong Un. Un has full control over North Korea and Yo Jong is vital to only a couple of countries.

Kim Jong Un in trouble; Sister will be the successor?
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Kim Yoo Jong has been given this responsibility at a time when rumors of Kim Jong Un’s death were spreading like wildfire. within the same year, Kim Jong Un disappeared for about 21 days. North Korea later released a video of him claiming he was OK. Today, three to four months later, Kim has not been seen at any ceremonies or government meetings.
The transfer of power to North Korea happened on Thursday, said Tai Kyung, a member of South Korea’s intelligence committee. Although Kim Jong Un remains in power, he is slowly delivering power to his sister. this suggests that Kim Jong Un has chosen Kim Yoo Jong as his successor.
Kim has three children from his wife, Ri Sol Joo. These kids haven’t come out publicly. nobody has seen them. they’re 10, 7 and three years old. at present, none of them are able to accept responsibility for North Korea. As a result, Kim’s sister will be the successor.

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