Satellite photo of nuclear submarine standing at the secret bunker gate opens the secret of China

China’s aggressive policies remain a concern for India as well as many countries of the world at this time. In the meantime, a satellite picture has surfaced which reveals the dragon’s dangerous intentions. The satellite photo of Planet Labs shows the Type-093 submarine on the door of Chinas secret hideout bunker built on the Yulin Naval Base of Hainan Island. As soon as this picture comes out concerns of Taiwan, America, and Japan have increased.

The Chinese military has increased the deployment of warships and submarines in the South China Sea in view of the ever-increasing tensions with the neighboring countries and US. Chinese warships and submarines are constantly patrolling the area to establish Chinese dominance. Amidst all this, pictures from Hailan Island have shocked America including neighboring countries. A tunnel was seen on this island in which any nuclear submarine can be easily hidden. Satellite Type 093 Chinese submarine standing at the gate was seen by the satellite and the Chinese pole opened up from here.

What is the importance of this Hainan island of China?

Let us tell you that Hainan Island is very important for China from a strategic perspective. The island is said to be the gateway of China to the Philippines Sea and the Pacific Ocean. From here, the dragon can keep an eye on Parsell Island located in the South China Sea and can also take action on countries like Taiwan, Philippines, and Vietnam if needed. Let us tell you that a few days ago, the US Navy did a maneuver near Parsell Island. This maneuver has also played a role in fostering relations between China and America.

Type 093 submarine is very important for China.

China`s Type 093 submarine also knows as Sheng class submarine. The Sheng class submarine is built by the Chinas Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. It is considered one of China’s most powerful weapons and is equipped with the YJ-90 supersonic cruise missile as well as the CJ-10 cruise missile. This submarine operates with nuclear power, due to which it is capable of carrying out operations for months at sea. China has great confidence in the capabilities of its nuclear submarine.

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