The lockdown ended after 76 days from Wuhan

China’s Wuhan city, which is the hub of the coronavirus, has been freed from lockdown after 76 days. The coronavirus epidemic started spreading to the city from December last year, after which the city was under lockdown since January 23. 

The highest number of deaths due to coronavirus occurred in Wuhan in China. The city, which has been under lockdown for the last two and a half months, will now slowly return to track. Traffic facilities have started here. China had decided to remove the lockdown from Wuhan in the last month itself.

The first case of corona virus was reported in December in the Chinese city of Wuhan. In the seafood and meat market here, the virus passed from animal to human and then it turned into an pandemic.

More than 13 lakh people have been infected with this virus worldwide and more than 70 thousand people have died. The government announced a lockdown in Wuhan following a spurt in Corona infection cases.

Officials said on Sunday that nine of the 13 administrative districts of Wuhan, which were most affected by the virus, were declared low-risk areas, indicating a gradual return to normalcy.

The Chinese state-run news agency Xinhua reported that a total of nine administrative districts in Wuhan are classified as low-risk while the other four are classified as medium-risk areas. The assessment on March 27 for the risk of coronavirus in Wuhan was reduced from high risk to moderate risk. Now, no city or county is in the high risk category in Hubei Province.

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The lockdown ended after 76 days from Wuhan : Image Courtesy – Xinhua

The lockdown ended in Wuhan

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